Stubborn Clog? Clear It Out with Absten & Sons, in Winfield WV


Our Professionals Do What It Takes When You Need It Most

Residential and commercial sewer drains can see a great deal of heavy use. Clogs can happen at times when it is a major problem and inconvenience, often creating a mess. The expert plumbing professionals at Absten & Sons do what it takes to clear stubborn clogs effectively, when you need it most.

Here is a list of some common ‘problem area’ household drainpipes:

  • Main sewer line
  • Kitchen sink line
  • Bath sink line
  • Bathtub line
  • Laundry line
  • Toilet clogs

The Most Effective Residential Drain Cleaning in Southwest WV

Residential drains can see some pretty nasty clogs that include everything from excess hair, grease, soaps, paper, clothing, dirt, and more. There may be times when drains run free, and other times when the home drainage system backs up and creates a big muddle somewhere in the house: bathroom, kitchen, or basement. When this happens, call Absten & Sons to take care of the problem in the most effective way.

Commercial Sewers & Drains in WV Cleared by Absten & Sons

Perhaps the problem is even bigger—commercial sewers and drains can be just as susceptible to big problems. Absten & Sons provides fast, same-day service to clear your commercial sewer problem or clogged drain as quickly as possible. When a major clog happens in a larger, commercial location, it can mean inconvenience to a larger number of people—employees and visitors both. Keep restroom facilities and other important operations functioning right with plumbing maintenance for sewers and drains by the pros at Absten & Sons!

Residential Drain Cleaning & Clearing Experts in WV

We are residential drain cleaning experts. While many plumbers specialize in fixing pipes, faucets and water heaters, we specialize in cleaning drains. Our professionals know how to effectively clear out the most difficult clogs and can even offer advice to limit backups in the future. Going through a backed up, clogged up drain can be a big, unexpected problem. Absten & Sons can clear all drains, and know how to prevent new ones!

Absten & Sons: Absolutely the Top Sewer & Drain Cleaner

When customers throughout Southwest WV need the most effective sewer and drain cleaning, they call on Absten & Sons. Absten is absolutely the top sewer and drain cleaner in the region, with the experience, equipment, and professional service to get the job done right. We handle emergencies 24/7 and respond with the top people in the industry. Our professionals know the ins and outs of cleaning problems associated with drains and sewers.

Tough Equipment to Handle the Toughest Clogs

Absten & Sons realizes that a clogged drain in your home or workplace is a major problem and inconvenience. Our team uses the tough equipment to handle the toughest clogs and drain problems. We use power snake equipment to scrape your pipe clean to not only clear the clog, but to help prevent another backup. We utilize video inspection equipment to show the status of pipes and confirm that the worst clog or debris are gone.

Drain Advice from the Pros at Absten & Sons

Because Absten & Sons are professionals at what we do in clearing the toughest drain clogs and backed up sewer systems, we offer drain advice. We have the proper drain snake sizes for different size drain lines and pipes. This ensures your drain stays open and running for the maximum amount of time. Our advice to home and commercial customers is to stay away from those caustic, liquid drain cleaners. These usually contain acid and will do your pipes more harm than good. They can often be difficult to administer to the clog. Most of the time, clogs run deeper in the drain line and the chemicals may not even be effective. When drains are cleaned with the right cable tool or power jets, the whole diameter of the pipe will be cleaned of any grease, hair, lint, or other build-up. Give Absten & Sons a call and get the problem cleared away properly.

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