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Efficient Heat Pumps

for Homes and Businesses in WV

Quality Equipment and Outstanding Work by Absten & Sons

Heat pumps have become one of the most important pieces of equipment in residential and commercial heating and cooling today. In HVAC systems, heat pumps serve double duty for both heating and cooling, so home and business owners want quality equipment that will last. Call Absten & Sons, LLC today at (304) 757-2864, or contact us online to schedule heat pump services.

Improve Heating and Cooling Efficiency with Heat Pump Services

Heat pumps work the same as a conventional air conditioner while operating in the cooling mode; however, when switched to the heating mode, heat pumps deliver heat by reversing the flow of refrigerant. Reversing the flow causes hot compressed refrigerant to flow to the evaporator coil in the air handler. The blower fan then forces air across the hot coil to provide heat.

Have a Heat Pump? Need It Fixed? Contact Absten & Sons

When there are operational issues, home and business owners need outstanding work done on their heat pump to keep it running right. Absten & Sons installs quality heat pump equipment and does outstanding work to keep heat pumps operational. If you have a heat pump and need it fixed, contact Absten & Sons.

Our heating crews are on call for regular service calls as well as emergency visits when you need it most. We can get your heat pump working the way it should in one visit, so your West Virginia home or business is comfortable.

Absten & Sons Repairs These Popular Brands of Heat Pumps

We also perform heat pump repair on the following brands: AAON, Air Temp, American Standard, Bryant, Carrier, ClimateMaster, Comfort-Aire, Cool Air, Daikin, Fedders, Florida Heat Pump, Fujitsu, Friedrich, Goodman, Ice Air, Icecap, Islandaire, LG, Lennox, Luxaire, McQuay, Mitsubishi, Rheem, RUUD, Skil-Aire, Skymark, Totaline, Trane, Unitary, United Cool Air, and York.

Hooking Up Your Heat Pump in WV with Absten & Sons, LLC

If your existing heating system or heat pump unit needs to be replaced, Absten & Sons is your local place to call. We hook up heat pumps throughout the southwest WV region, serving our local customers with the best in quality service.

Absten & Sons Keeps Up with Heat Pump Advancement

Technological advancements in the heat pump industry in recent years can boost the amount of heat that heat pumps deliver. Studies show that heat pumps are effective to as low as 20 degrees making them ideal for our climate.

Keep Your Heat Pump Operating at Its Best for Year-Round Comfort

As opposed to conventional straight-cool air conditioners, which utilize electric resistance heat strips, heat pumps consume much less electricity in the heat mode, contributing to lower electric utility bills. In the event of extreme cold weather, heat pumps are equipped with auxiliary electric heat strips to provide supplemental heat. These heat strips are also utilized when the heat pump cycles to the defrost mode.

For the Best Heat Pumps in the Charleston Region, Call Absten & Sons

Absten & Sons carries the best heat pumps in the greater Charleston region, and our experienced technicians serve customers throughout southwest West Virginia. When you want the best heat pumps with quality services to keep them running properly, give us a call or use our convenient online contact form to request a quote.

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