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Southwest West Virginia’s Leader in Cell Tower Installation

Absten & Sons, LLC is the area’s leader in cellular communication tower construction. We do it all: locating and acquiring sites, erecting and installing tower structures and other wireless communication facilities and technology, and provide general and emergency maintenance. We provide companies with the management, manpower, and resources to get communication projects built on time and within budget. Services include:

  • 24-hour emergency services
  • Annual tower inspections
  • Antenna and COAX change outs
  • Complete site audit
  • Equipment inspection
  • Tower Site Maintenance from lighting to road repair.
  • Raw Land Tower Construction
  • Co-Locations
  • Grass cutting, snow removal, site cleanup and repair
  • Line Sweeps
  • Site maintenance and inspection
  • Tower lighting systems
  • LTE Installations and Upgrades
  • Structure Mods
  • Deploy Emergency Power Generators Installations / Refuel

We have the ability to effectively mobilize the people, skills, and technologies our clients need to improve service to their wireless customers, delivering solutions that maximize cost-effectiveness, without sacrificing quality, safety, or service.

The Experience Comes with Doing the Job

Absten has been in the cell tower business for over two decades. Our newer employees are trained both in the classroom and on the job site, learning from experienced co-workers and given the opportunity to learn on the job. Providing actual fieldwork gives our workers the experience that takes them beyond classroom situations and promotes skills like troubleshooting and teamwork in a multitude of situations.

The Best Tools, Training, & Technology to Reduce Cost

We have a broad range of experience servicing cellular communication towers all along the eastern United States. The crews from Absten are the professionals called in to get the job done. We have the best tools and training on next-generation technologies and practices. We create sites that minimize or eliminate the equipment hut. This enables us to reduce power and battery requirements and decrease overall carbon emissions, so we are able to guarantee our work and offer our cell tower services at a competitive price. Absten & Sons handles private, commercial, and government wireless construction projects in-house to ensure that our clients’ needs are priority at every stage of cell tower development.

On-Call Confidence for Weather Emergencies & Outages

When bad weather emergencies or other outage problems happen, the cellular tower work crews from Absten & Sons are on call to handle the work whenever it happens. As with our many other 24/7 services we are here to keep things going. Absten & Sons tower crews have performed installation and maintenance for some of the nation’s largest cellular, broadband, and digital-data providers.

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